- A small catbreed

The Toybob is a very small breed of domestic cats it can easily be compared to its canin counterpart ‘Chihuahua’


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What is a Toybob?


The Toybob is documented as being the smallest natural occurring breed with a natural bob tail in the world. They are native to Russia and almost went extinct until a handful of breeders started to work on bringing them back. They are unlike any other breed, simply sweet, quiet, docile, trusting and quiet little souls.


Toybob are small cats, no bigger than a 3-6 month old kitten of a normally developed domestic shorthaired cat, with a short strong and muscular body, short bobbed tail consisting of several kinked vertebras. Toybobs are very affectionate and obedient to their human companions with an even temperament. Despite its small size, they are also very active, playful and agile.

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Quick Description

Coat Type Medium, smooth, straight

Coat Colors All coat colors are accepted

Body Type Very small

Life Expectancy (Lifespan) 16-22 years

Personality Traits Obedient, docile, intelligent, playful, brave

Shedding Less

Good with Children Yes

Vocalization Moderate

Country of Origin USSR (Russia)

Competitive Registration/Qualification Information World Cat Federation (WCF),

The International Cat Association (TICA).

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The first breeder of Toybob in Sweden.

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